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March 2023
Mar 28, 2023
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Dashboard email delivery is delayed


Resolved Mar 28 at 11:24am CDT

Email deliverability delays have now been resolved and all emails should be getting processed normally.

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Mar 21, 2023
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Usage counters unavailable

Resolved Mar 21 at 08:45pm CDT

The usage counters in the dashboard may be unavailable and/or inaccurate for a certain regions.

This issue has been resolved.

February 2023
Feb 28, 2023
1 incident

Webhook issues in dashboard


Resolved Feb 28 at 04:10pm CST

We have identified and fixed the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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Feb 20, 2023
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US East 1 endpoint API disruption -- details

Resolved Feb 20 at 07:01pm CST

Yesterday between 7:45pm and 8:15pm UTC we noticed increased API latencies and elevated error rates in the identification service running in the US East 1 AWS region.
Our engineers started looking into the infrastructure and discovered that the rate limiting library that we used contained a bug that allowed spikes of traffic to go through and overload one of the production clusters as a result.
A large portion of the requests to this cluster failed or took more time to complete during this ...

Feb 19, 2023
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Global (us-east-1) API endpoint degradation

Resolved Feb 19 at 04:00pm CST

Degradation of API services in US East 1 region (global endpoint). A large percentage of requests failed. A detailed post mortem will be published later.
Degradation lasted from 7:46 to 8:15 pm UTC.

January 2023
No incidents reported